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Korean Acupuncture

Saam Acupunctursaame is a unique Korean method that is about 400 years old, founded by the hermit Saam and discretely handed down. This method treat patients by stimulating points below elbows and knees and regulating meridians.

Saam Acupuncture is regulating meridians by inserting five-shu points. Five-shu points is located below elbows and knees at 12 meridians. There are 5 points each meridian.

The boundary of Saam acupuncture is limitless, for it can be applied according to the physical and psychological state of the patient. It is very powerful healing effect and very safe because of points below elbows and knees.

Sometimes the patients get confused, because the needles are not inserted into painful area. The pain is gone away even though the needle are inserted into no painful area.

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