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Facial Rejuvenation

cosmetic cosmetic afterFor all of you who ever use BoXXX, you might want to consider cosmetic acupuncture. The results are long-term and totally natural. I switched to cosmetic acupuncture about three months ago and am so pleased with my results. Smile Acupuncture is the best place to get it and they are located in Katy Texas. The staff is friendly, caring, and very knowledgeable of their craft. Licensed acupuncturist, Sung Chung, is the best ever! Schedule your initial visit to start with cosmetic acupuncture right away. You’ll see your wrinkles disappear. Your skin will look healthier, feel better, and your pores will minimizes before your eyes. Additional benefit from cosmetic acupuncture is your body feels better overall. The acupuncture finds problems that you didn’t even know exist. Sung Chung will bring your body to a balanced state.   1st day(left), 8 weeks later(right)

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