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High blood pressure

Acupuncture works! I have high blood pressure and after seeing Dr. Chung and having acupuncture done – in one week my blood pressure has dropped significantly. I am now at a very good blood pressure range. Thank you!

Pam S

Acupuncture works!

Acupuncture works! For my daughter, she had bed-wetting and having acupuncture and stop bed-wetting. It is wonderful! Thank you!

S. Gonzalez, housewife

No pain and I am relaxed

Sung is the third Acupuncturist I have tried and I am most satisfied with him and his method. I will not go to anyone else now. He works with me until I feel virtually no pain and I am relaxed. He goes above and beyond to do the best job he can. Unlike other Acupuncturist who time you for 20

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I am a believer

On my first visit, I was not a believer in acupuncture. After 4 visits, I am a beliver in acupuncture and will continue. My stomach has always given me so many problems, but after one visit, it was so much better. Thank You!

Rebecca S.


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