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Facial Rejuvenation

For all of you who ever use BoXXX, you might want to consider cosmetic acupuncture. The results are long-term and totally natural. I switched to cosmetic acupuncture about three months ago and am so pleased with my results. Smile Acupuncture is the best place to get it and they are located in Katy Texas. The staff is

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Allergies and asthma

I came into Smile Acupuncture to see if acupuncture might help my severe allergies and asthma. It helped so much I was able to get off 5 prescriptions for allergies and have no symptoms in weeks. My energy has increased and I’m feeling much better. Thank you for helping me.


Shelly D.

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High blood pressure

Acupuncture works! I have high blood pressure and after seeing Dr. Chung and having acupuncture done – in one week my blood pressure has dropped significantly. I am now at a very good blood pressure range. Thank you!

Pam S

Acupuncture works!

Acupuncture works! For my daughter, she had bed-wetting and having acupuncture and stop bed-wetting. It is wonderful! Thank you!

S. Gonzalez, housewife

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