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John R.

I’ve had lower back problems since 1980 and successfully avoided major surgery until 2016, at which time I had disc replacement.
After the surgery, my left foot was continuously numb/tingling. After any exertion, the numbness/tingling would expand to affect my leg left from the waist down.
I had a doctor friend of mine recommend Korean Acupuncture to see

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Breech baby

am so so sorry I completely forgot about my appointment because we got the good news that the baby is no longer breech! I apologize for not giving any notice.  I appreciate the care I received very much and will definitely be back in the future if needed.

Thank you,

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Dear Dr. Chung! First of all thank you for treating Leo. I wanted you to know that he is completely comfortable with you and trusts totally your treatment plan. After 2 treatments we noticed that his blood sugar lowered about 30 points. So he was averaging the rate of 90-140 which has not happened before. We were able to lower

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Facial Rejuvenation

For all of you who ever use BoXXX, you might want to consider cosmetic acupuncture. The results are long-term and totally natural. I switched to cosmetic acupuncture about three months ago and am so pleased with my results. Smile Acupuncture is the best place to get it and they are located in Katy Texas. The staff is

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