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John R.

I’ve had lower back problems since 1980 and successfully avoided major surgery until 2016, at which time I had disc replacement.
After the surgery, my left foot was continuously numb/tingling. After any exertion, the numbness/tingling would expand to affect my leg left from the waist down.
I had a doctor friend of mine recommend Korean Acupuncture to see

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Kerstin L.

Smile acupuncture has been a life changer for me. I started treatment for withdrawal symptoms for medicine. Within 2 treatments the symptoms subsided. Since then I have had Mr. Chung address medical issues such as insomnia, panic attacks, low thyroid, reduce cravings and assist with weight loss, regulate my digestive system and also successfully treat a acne break out from

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Breech baby

am so so sorry I completely forgot about my appointment because we got the good news that the baby is no longer breech! I apologize for not giving any notice.  I appreciate the care I received very much and will definitely be back in the future if needed.

Thank you,

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Dear Dr. Chung! First of all thank you for treating Leo. I wanted you to know that he is completely comfortable with you and trusts totally your treatment plan. After 2 treatments we noticed that his blood sugar lowered about 30 points. So he was averaging the rate of 90-140 which has not happened before. We were able to lower

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