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John R.

I’ve had lower back problems since 1980 and successfully avoided major surgery until 2016, at which time I had disc replacement.
After the surgery, my left foot was continuously numb/tingling. After any exertion, the numbness/tingling would expand to affect my leg left from the waist down.
I had a doctor friend of mine recommend Korean Acupuncture to see if it helped my symptoms.
I’ve had only one visit to Smile Acupuncture. That day my entire leg was dead with mild pain in the hamgstring area. After one visit, the hamstring pain is gone, and after 3 days, the only tingling/numbness I have felt is in the toes of my left foot.
Frankly I was not expecting any results after only one visit, but was very pleasantly surprised.
I am going to continue with more visits, as it obviously had a very positive effect.
Dr. Chung was very straightforward and very helpful with a great bedside manner and has helped me allot so far.



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