Pricing & Insurance


Inital visit: $70.00

follow-up: $50.00

Herbal Medicine (pills, granules, decoction, etc)

$30.00 – $350.00

(call for details)

* Special price

Facial Rejuvenation

Quick Smoking



BCBS, UnitedHealthCare, out of network, etc. please call for details, 281-579-1561

FSA(Flexible Spending Account) and  HSA(Health Saving Account) are available.

Auto Injury

(Remember, medicare and medicaid don’t cover acupuncture now but, secondary insurance might cover acupuncture treatments.)

please call the office or email us before you visit or bring your information.

We need;

1. your full name    2. D.O.B     3. insurance carrier     4. policy number     5. carrier phone number